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is a nonprofit educational institution, founded in 1976. We are an organization of people committed to supporting the conscious evolution of individuals and society as a whole, through our teaching and practice of psychosynthesis. We endeavor to provide services of the highest quality in an atmosphere that is intellectually exciting, supportive of personal needs, and spiritually inspiring. Services of the Center include professional training programs in psychosynthesis, coaching services, educational and support groups, workshops and business consulting. The Center is located in Amherst, Massachusetts, a small and culturally diverse college town nestled in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. How to contact us.

What's New

Visit our You-tube channel (yep, that's right, believe it or not!). We have a few videos up, including Didi's plenary speech in Italy, Tom Yeomans and Angel Santiago in their key note speech in Brattleboro, a brief video on the egg diagram and an unfinished video of Matt Harding dancing with us in Amherst! More to come.

• We have integrated the information from our other website ( into this, our primary site. You will find all the information included here, including the "find a coach" pages. From now on people attempting to load the pscoach site will be redirected here. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause people, but ultimately it is more consistent with changes within the center as well as conducive to more frequent updates.

• Please visit our new web page on Contemplative Psychosynthesis. In it we invite you to our workshop, sponsored by the Mind & Life Institute and share some writing on contemplative psychosynthesis, as well as a classic psychosynthesis exercise. Psychosynthesis has always had a contemplative nature embedded within its framework. Breathing in, Breathing out; Awareness, Will; Immanence, Transcendence.

Synonyms for contemplative!
thoughtful, pensive, reflective, meditative, musing, introspective….

Let us all welcome more of this into our lives!

• We want to welcome new affiliated staff members: Cris Pelizzatti, taking Psychosynthesis Life Coach training to Italy; Robin White, joining our New England Training team; Barbara Veale Smith, leading our Contemplative ventures; Val Silidker, sponsoring a Psychosynthesis Life Coach training program in South Florida and Susan Jewkes Allen, beginning Psychosynthesis workshops and training in San Francisco. For more information on our new staff, visit them on our "Find a Coach" Page.


• Fall Newsletter is posted here.

Didi Firman, our training program director, also has a blog on the Psychology Today web site. Click here to visit "Living a Life of Purpose; Spirituality in Real Time."

Interested in psychosynthesis?
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Psychosynthesis is founded on "the perception of the light
immanent in the human soul and in the whole of creation," says its founder, Roberto Assagioli. For over 100 years this wisdom has guided this spiritual psychology. Practiced today, psychosynthesis
is applied in many fields as a form of guiding. If you are inspired to guide, as coach or therapist, teacher or body worker, minister or parent, or as a seeker yourself, consider joining The Synthesis Center as it moves into its 40th year of training. Both the in-person and teleconference trainings are powerful personal, professional 
and spiritual journeys. They lead, as well, to certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach and internationally recognized Board Certified Coach accreditation. We invite you to have a conversation with Didi Firman or Jon Schottland, program trainers, about this path to right livelihood and personal well being. To schedule a one on one conversation, contact We look forward to sharing some time with you.


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The Synthesis Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and donations are deductible for U.S. Income Tax purposes. Your donations go towards scholarships for our programs & general operating expenses. We depend on donations for about 20% of our operating budget. We greatly appreciate the support of our friends and community & thanks to all those who donate.

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And to contact our Facebook manager, email Marjorie Hope Gross. Marjorie is on our affiliated staff and you can find out more about her on our "find a Coach" page.

Last Updated: October 5, 2016

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