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Summer Trainings

The Synthesis Center has been one of the leading centers of Psychosynthesis education and training in North America for the past 38 years.  We use the Psychosynthesis model as a very effective and transformative way to train life coaches and many others in the helping professions, as well as for the process of personal and spiritual growth.  

Our courses are accredited through the Center for Credentialing and Education, which means that you are eligible to sit for the national Board Certified Coach (BCC) exam upon completion of our program if you meet BCC requirements. (see their site at: Our programs also lead to certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach.

Psychosynthesis is quite different than many other coaching programs in certain ways.  You'll find there is an emphasis not only on reaching personal or professional goals (which is important, of course) but also on the development of a more whole and complete “self” over time.  Psychosynthesis brings together the best of psychology, coaching and personal growth to help people live a richer and more meaningful life. 

In-Person Training. For those who live in the Northeast region of the U.S. or are able to travel monthly to Massachusetts, we will be offering a live program, this summer, at our training center in Amherst, MA. This is our well-loved summer intensive, with 3, 4-day weekends (7/8-11; 8/5-8; 9/9-12), which make up the full Level 1 training. If you are interested and able to attend in person, contact us for more details and visit our website:  

Teleconference Training.  The Distance Learning Program (DLP) includes live group teleconferences, online readings and other resources, as well as an independent study component and practice coaching sessions with a partner. All students participate in regular practicums to gain plenty of actual coaching experience throughout the course.  The DLP is an ongoing class and there are options for people to join at various times, with new groups starting several times a year. The next teleconference program will start in the summer of 2016, offering a full level 1 training (60 hours). Advanced training will begin in the fall.

Independent Study Program. For some, an independent study option may be the best choice. In this model, the bulk of the work is presented as packets, with assignments, writing, one on one conversation with staff, and self created coaching practice. Often the IS program may be used to catch someone up, so they can enter the live or teleconference program, or to accommodate changing needs, for those who may miss a portion of one the scheduled programs.

To explore our coaching web site further, please go to:

Further Information. One on one conversations by phone, skype or in person  are available as part of the process of exploring our programs. Our teaching staff are Didi Firman and Jon Schottland. Please contact either of us to set up a time to talk. Didi lives in Amherst, MA and Jon in Brattleboro, VT.
Psychosynthesis Coaching. If you are interested in experiencing psychosynthesis coaching, for your own personal work, or as a way to explore the field, please visit our “Find a Coach” page on our website.  

Course Structure & Content. A full syllabus is available here. The program is offered in two levels. The in-person program runs as two full sections, level 1 & level 2. The teleconference program is divided into 4 sections Level 1, A & B and Level 2, A & B. This allows people to take the whole program or only a portion, if they already have psychosynthesis training or if they only need a 30 or 60 hour training for BCC certification. The full program, in any format, leads to Psychosynthesis Life Coach Certification, with an invitation for graduates to join our “find a coach” page. The cost of the program is $3000 per level (or $1500 for section A or B), with scholarships, work exchange, and sliding fees available.



The Center has recently published an incredible book by long time psychosynthesis practitioner and coach, Mark Horowitz. Mark studied with psychosynthesis founder, Roberto Assagioli. His book: "The Dance of We" takes a deep and important look at the role of systems in everyone's life, with an invitation to find your own way to love and power within these systems. To order a copy contact Mark at

Engaging Life:
Living Well With Chronic Illness

In Engaging Life: Living Well With Chronic Illness, Dorothy Firman, Ed.D. discusses harnessing a patient’s inherent strengths—an often overlooked, but vitally important, resource—in order to help the patient deal with chronic illness. Dr. Firman’s book reflects the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience in this area and is written to be a valuable resource for the doctor, the patient, and anyone working with them.
            This is an important work that, I believe, should be read by all patients dealing with chronic illness, as well as by the medical professionals who aspire to provide the most comprehensive care possible.
            Well done, Dr. Firman! And, thank you.
            Jill E. Becker, MD


Available at bookstores and on-line booksellers now!

 Dorothy Firman is a best-selling author and a psychotherapist who has worked with clients with chronic illness for over 30 years. This book is designed to support all those with chronic illness and all those who care for people struggling on this difficult path. Using an active approach to self-awareness and life-changing choices, this book invites readers to proactively invest themselves in their own present life and the future that awaits them, so that life unfolds in a deep and meaningful way.


  • Self-help exercises
  • Inspirational stories
  • Work with body, feelings, and mind
  • Key themes on the journey through chronic illness
  • Insights on being with friends, families, and healing teams
  • Strategies for supporting personal and spiritual well-being
  • An invitation to hear the call of Self in moving towards purpose and meaning in life