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Refilling Your Well-Wellness Center LLC Presents a 10 week Course into: The Presence Process, offered by Robin White

I’m excited to be offering you a 10 week workshop based on Compassionate communication, Psychosynthesis and The Presence Process by Michael Brown. If you have attended an Empathy Café in the past this is a great opportunity to practice self empathy and connection, “What are your feelings pointing to for needs met or unmet.”

If you would like to be able to respond in life instead of reacting, this is the course for you. I will simple offer an experiential practice each week based on a weekly meditation. No prior experience is necessary; just a deep longing to know yourself better and your relationships better.

In reality, relationships are really about you, no matter what type of relationship it is. They’re meant to be mirrors for us, always reflecting back what we need to see. The question is: Are you willing to look in this mirror and be open to what you need to learn, or will you simply pretend it’s not there and pass it by? As we develop and evolve, our personas also change along the way, and we often put on imaginary masks for protection. Thus, this process of looking in the mirror becomes even more important so that you can recognize who you are, and like who you are.

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Engaging Life:
Living Well With Chronic Illness

In Engaging Life: Living Well With Chronic Illness, Dorothy Firman, Ed.D. discusses harnessing a patient’s inherent strengths—an often overlooked, but vitally important, resource—in order to help the patient deal with chronic illness. Dr. Firman’s book reflects the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience in this area and is written to be a valuable resource for the doctor, the patient, and anyone working with them.
            This is an important work that, I believe, should be read by all patients dealing with chronic illness, as well as by the medical professionals who aspire to provide the most comprehensive care possible.
            Well done, Dr. Firman! And, thank you.
            Jill E. Becker, MD


Available at bookstores and on-line booksellers now!

 Dorothy Firman is a best-selling author and a psychotherapist who has worked with clients with chronic illness for over 30 years. This book is designed to support all those with chronic illness and all those who care for people struggling on this difficult path. Using an active approach to self-awareness and life-changing choices, this book invites readers to proactively invest themselves in their own present life and the future that awaits them, so that life unfolds in a deep and meaningful way.


  • Self-help exercises
  • Inspirational stories
  • Work with body, feelings, and mind
  • Key themes on the journey through chronic illness
  • Insights on being with friends, families, and healing teams
  • Strategies for supporting personal and spiritual well-being
  • An invitation to hear the call of Self in moving towards purpose and meaning in life