Contemplative Psychosynthesis:
Becoming the Fullest Realization of your Self

The Synthesis Center teaches a psychosynthetic way of knowing that arises from cognition, imagination, sensation, emotion, drive/inspiration, and intuition—and from that which is beyond traditional cognitive knowing: the supreme synthesis of I/Self, or the both/and of personal and universal will. In other words, psychosynthesis recognizes that we have a transpersonal essence, and at the same time holds that the individual’s purpose in life is to manifest this essence, or Self, as fully as possible in the world of everyday personal and social existence. Any comprehensive psychological and educational approach to the development of the whole person must draw from many traditions. While Eastern disciplines often have tended to emphasize the spiritual side of being, Western approaches usually have focused on the personality level.  But humanity must be viewed as a whole and each aspect accorded its due importance. Psychosynthesis honors the both/and of human being and human doing.

Psychosynthesis as a Path for Personal and Spiritual Integration

This workshop is available to organizations or groups who may want a day-long, weekend, or longer workshop or training in Contemplative Psychosynthesis.

Facilitator Barbara Veale Smith is available to facilitate a wide variety of group processes, focused on the integrative model of psychosynthesis, oriented towards its contemplative elements. The psychosynthesis model offers a life practice of the "both and" of human being and human doing, with active strategies for identifying the content-less nature of awareness and developing will: strong, skillful and good.

Psychosynthesis is based on the core assumption that human beings, freed of their attachment to story, content and circumstance, exist as content-less awareness and will. Honoring the truth of universal oneness in its recognition that Self (i.e., the formless) and I (form, in its personal expression) are not two, psychosynthesis offers firm ground from which to work with the inevitable issues of any life. Immanence and transcendence come together as the ground of being. I have a body. I have a name. This is my story AND paradoxically, I am both more than and less than that.

The Experience of Self: Actualized & Realized: A Coaching Approach

Barbara specializes in coaching with a contemplative orientation. She is available for work in person, by phone or Skype.

Some of Barbara's thoughts on Contemplative Coaching are below:

"The dynamic practice of psychosynthesis is applied in everyday experiences (and the problems inherent in those), as we learn to embrace wholeness and activate will toward more full, harmonious and aligned expression in the world. The Call of Self, as an anchor into a life of purpose, meaning and values, moves us through psychosynthesis concepts of polarities and synthesis, disidentification and the gifts of knowing ourselves fully in body, feelings, mind, imagination, desire and intuition. Through all of psychosynthesis, the work of self-actualization is based in the cultivation of our good, strong and skillful will.

We will develop further the practice of identification, disidentification and synthesis, particularly in relationship to content-less awareness. We’ll look at the qualities of awareness, asking: “Who am I in relationship to awareness? Is awareness in me? Am I in awareness? Is it both/and, and why does that matter?" By harnessing the powerful theory and practice of psychosynthesis, we will deepen spiritual Self-realization and taste both the multiplicity and unity of life that is always and ever present.

We’ll also explore the territory of conscious relating. Drawing on neuroscience principles and essential psychosynthesis skills, we’ll use a simple but potent exercise to identify reactive triggers. We’ll discover anew the unity that underlies the painful sense of separation, and activate the potential for peace in ourselves and peace in the world."

Contact Barbara for information on workshops or individual coaching! And watch her video“Peace Is Really Possible: Moving Beyond Either/Or to the Both/And of Human Being.”
You can experience Barbara’s presentation here.




That is perfect, this is perfect, perfect comes from perfect
Take perfect from perfect, the remainder is perfect
May peace and peace and peace be everywhere
—The Upanishads

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