PDF Monographs and Articles

Below is a list of monographs and articles that may be downloaded at no cost. They are Adobe PDF documents and require Adobe's free Acrobat reader to open them. If you don't have the reader it is available at Just click on the article you want and it should open in Acrobat reader on your desktop. Depending on your system you may be required to save it to your computer. The numbered downloads are mostly old publications from the Psychosynthesis Research Foundation. There are also a few articles from Synthesis Journal. The Synthesis Center provides these documents "as is" for use in learning and research in the field of psychosynthesis. You may download them for your own use. For wider use of the PDF material contact the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis who now hold copyright. If you need citation information please e-mail me at and I will try to provide you with what you need within 24 hours. We hope you find these useful. The monographs by Martha Crampton and those from Psychosynthesis Palo Alto are for personal download only. Any sale or commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you wish to use them as course texts, please consult us first and we will obtain permission from the author(s). We are extremely grateful to those who have made these materials available at no cost and hope that you will share your gratitude by using them appropriately. Please do not place them on your site for download without our express permission. We hope you find the incredible amount of information contained in the documents below to be of use.
Ted and the Synthesis Center

New Articles:

Assagioli's Fifth Force: Psychoenergetics by John Coan

0011.pdf - Psychosynthesis Practice, edited by Thomas Yeomans
0101.pdf - Dynamic Psychology and Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli
0102.pdf - Psychosynthesis in Education by Roberto Assagioli
0103.pdf - A Psychological Method for Learning Languages by Roberto Assagioli
0104.pdf - Smiling Wisdom by Roberto Assagioli
0110.pdf - Self Realization and Psychological Disturbances by Roberto Assagioli
0112.pdf - Symbolic Visualization-A Method of Psychosynthesis by Robert Gerard
0114.pdf - Psychosynthesis: A Psychotherapy for the Whole Man by Robert Gerard           
0115.pdf - Synthesis in Psychotherapy by Roberto Assagioli
0116.pdf - Psychosynthesis: Individual and Social by Roberto Assagioli
0117.pdf - The Training of the Will by Roberto Assagioli
0118.pdf - The Directed Daydream by Robert Desoille
- Jung and Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli
0120.pdf - Psychosynthesis: A Psychotherapist’s Personal, Overview by Frank Haronian
0121.pdf - Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli
0122.pdf - The Essentials of Psychosynthesis by Graham Taylor
0123.pdf - The Who Am I? Technique in Psychotherapy by Graham Taylor
0125.pdf - The Technique of Evocative Words by Roberto Assagioli
0128.pdf - Toward a Psychosynthetic Approach to the Group by Martha Crampton
0129.pdf - The Balancing and Synthesis of Opposites by Roberto Assagioli
0130.pdf -The Repression of the Sublime by Frank Haronian
0131.pdf - The Conflict Between the Generations by by Roberto Assagioli
0132.pdf - Biopsychosynthesis by John Parks
0133.pdf - Life as a Game and Stage Performance & Cheerfulness by Roberto Assagioli
0134.pdf - The Resolution of Conflicts & Spiritual Conflicts and Crises
0135.pdf - The Will in Psychotherapy by Alberto Alberti
0136.pdf - Transpersonal Inspiration & Psychological Mountain Climbing by Roberto Assagioli
0211.pdf - Symbols of Transpersonal Experience by Roberto Assagioli
0212.pdf - The Use of Mental Imagery in Psychosynthesis by Martha Crampton
0217.pdf - Height Psychology: an  Interview with Roberto Assagioli by Beverly Besmer
0303.pdf - The Golden Mean of Roberto Assagioli an Interview with Sam Keen
0304.pdf - Psychosynthesis: Some Key Aspects of Theory and Practice by Martha Crampton
0321.pdf - Notes on Education by Roberto Assagioli
0340.pdf - Guided Affective Imagery by Hanscarl Leuner
0361.pdf - Meditation
0380.pdf - The Feminine Approach in Healing by Anne Langford
0663.pdf - Dimensions of Growth
0664.pdf - Answers from the Unconscious
1152.pdf - Identity and Personal Freedom by Betsie Carter-Haar
1153.pdf - Dialog with the Higher Self by Stuart Miller
1660.pdf - Subpersonalities by James Vargiu
Religious Fanaticism - by John Firman
Change in the egg.pdf - by John Firman
Martha Crampton Guided Imagery.pdf
Practice Excercises.pdf
Violence and Contemplation by Tan Nguyen

Monographs from Psychosynthesis Palo Alto, courtesy of John Firman & Ann Gila. John and Ann, long time Psychosynthesists and students of Dr. Assagioli have graciously allowed us to offer these wonderful monographs for downloading.
Digging up the Past by Chris Meriam
Self & Self Realization by John Firman
Opening to the Inner Child: Recovering Authentic Personality by John Firman & Ann Russell
What is Psychosynthesis by john Firman & Ann Russell
Empathic I by Chris Meriam
Assigioli's Seven Core Concepts by John Firman & Ann Gila

Notes by Thomas Yeomans, Thomas has generously allowed us to post a group of notes he has written on psychosynthesis topics over the years. Download the "about" pdf first for more information.
About Tom's Notes
#1 Presence, Power & the Planet
#2 Particularity
#3 Levels of Loneliness
#4 Shyness as a Portal to the Soul
#5 Spiritual Allies and Adversaries
#6 The Embodied Soul
#7 Living Experience as Spiritual Practice
#8 Beauty will save the Earth
#9 The Soul's Dark Light
#10 The Descent of the Higher Self

Also by Thomas
Soul Canticles
Soul-Wound & Psychotherapy

Richard Schaub, a well known psychosynthesis trainer and author, has shared two articles with us, for download, on recovering from addiction from a psychosynthetic perspective.
Meditation: Increasing Peace in Recovery
The Psychosynthetic Treatment of Addictions

Articles by Martha Crampton
Empowerment of the Will through Life Coaching
Synchronicity Practice (Pub. 2009)

Articles by Didi Firman in books published by The Synthesis Center Press:
Stepping Up:Strategies for the New Counselor From: Counseling with Confidence: From Pre-service to Professional Practice, edited by N. Young & C. Michael
A Transpersonal Orientation: Psychosynthesis in the Counselor's Office From: Counseling in a Complex Society: Contemporary Challenges to Professional Practice, edited by N. Young & C. Michael
Transpersonal Psychology: An Introduction to Psychosynthesis from the vista web page. A peer-reviewed introduction to psychosynthesis
Coaching as a path to Self-Realization by Didi Firman
Supporting the Future of Psychosynthesis:Coaching as a path to Self-Realization  --Dr. Dorothy Firman
An article on Contemplative psychosynthesis by Dr. Firman


Psychological Laws (from Act of Will)

Training—A Statement by Roberto Assagioli

Choice Point Authenticity by D. Firman

Self-Care During Dark Times by Anne Yeomans

Energy Support by John Coan

Articles by Raúl Quiñones Rosado, Ph.D.:

Stages of Racial Identity Development

Social ID Development & Integral Theory

Coaching for Integral Liberation & Transformation
(from The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, Copyright, The Synthesis Center 2018)